FERRACHE begins in 1988 with the start of production to be held that year.

The dream of the protagonists of this story going by creating an exclusive line of women’s clothing, that would meet the growing needs of the market.

Connoisseurs and lovers of fashion began to easily identify the parts produced by FERRACHE mainly by their prints and patterns, inspired by the lifestyle.

Colorful, glamorous, comfortable and irreverent clothes became the face of this brand, which is a lifestyle, sophisticated, unique and luxurious. The story was-unfolding and evolving as the brand itself, always in search of innovation and that more modern is done in fashion by following trends, innovating in design, raw materials, modeling, production and distribution.

From conception of an idea to its production and completion of the final product, the company shows a distinct understanding the development of the brand and this resulted in his release in national and international markets.

Over the past few years, the company continues to expand with more shops opening and greater variety of products in each collection to reach farther away increasingly more customers.

The story will continue, more and more ideas and greater inspiration and hope you will continue to accompany each chapter of this adventure.

Brand Concept

FERRACHE is color, glamor , luxury and sophistication. It stands out for having a strongly defined concept , based on an alliance between a quality product with a unique design and a picture of a coherent and unified brand. Wear modern and urban women to their daily challenges is the formula that we have developed and continues to be one of the keys to the success of the brand.

Colored pieces and enough glamor , at the same time are classic and timeless make FERRACHE a benchmark.

We also created casual style pieces , always with a touch of sophistication and modernity to complement all visual.

With a modern approach, FERRACHE collections are characterized by the colors used but above all the quality of each piece.

From initial inspiration through the creation and production of each item in each and every one of them we put all our efforts to continue to please all FERRACHE customers.


With smiles, victories, challenges but always with a lot of passion, so we see the future.

We believe in our dreams, in our ideas, and we know that it will take us further and further away. We put everything into every piece, every accessory that is our and your face. And we believe that it will be necessary to continue this our history.

A story full of challenges, we will inspire to do better and to be the number one choice of modern and current woman. We want to broaden horizons and continue the national and international expansion of the brand to reach a growing audience.

Keep us faithful to our brand image, maintain the high standard of quality and excellence that characterize us will be part of the way we want to map out the future of FERRACHE.

One step at a time, but with quite a bit weighting boldness, it has proved to be an effective method for the growth of the mark and so will continue to invest in this way to work.